Pastor position vacant
 Wendy  Morrison  Church   Secretary
What can we say about Wendy….. Hmmm I have to think on this a little while. I’ll get back to you. She’s been here 20 years. I’ll try to think of three things. She prepares all the bulletins, inserts  and announcements. Keeps all the churches records. Pays the bills all the while keeping all of us straight. Ask and ye shall receive.. She is Wonder Woman!   
Music Accompanist
Building Security Wayne Brewer
This guy gets to do it all. Mr. Fix it, if it can be repaired quickly. He is the guy that goes in early and gets to stay after everyone is gone. He turns on and off the heat, the AC, checks for lights on or off and the water too.  He even starts the coffee early so the Sunday School attendees can get that morning coffee. Wayne’s job is one of the most important at the church. Locking and unlocking the doors and seeing that every thing is secure. We take a lot of things  for granted. Thats because Wayne has already been there.
Deacon Co Chairs Jackie Taylor and Calvin Koonce
Jackie and Calvin works along side and helps by leading our body of Deacons. Our Deacons serve our body of believers. They have family assignments which allows them to oversea the needs of both spiritual and temporal matters of their families. Our Deacons give support to our pastor through prayer, wise counseling and wisdom. Our Deacon are involved in the work of  God through the church. Deacons are to “serve”  as God leads them.

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