Connect Groups are organizing, growing and developing.... come join us !

A Connect Group is a small group of people who are excited about connecting people to Christ; connecting to other people; and connecting people with their spiritual gits through ministry at WBC. Our vibrant Sunday School ministry is already a form of Connect Groups. In addition to our fine teaching you will see some new ideas bouncing around Sunday School including evangelism, spiritual nurturing and pastoral care. It’s 1 Peter 2:5 and 9, the priesthood of all believers. Already we have a 30/40s Connect Group that meets in the community on Sunday Evenings. We also have a young men’s Connect Group that meets Thursdays and a Young Women’s Connect Group that meets during the week as well. Our Sunday School teachers and other Connect Group leaders meet once a month with me for their own spiritual care Connect Group.   We wonder if some of our neighborhoods might be prime fertile ground for a new Connect Group. If you would like to host such a group, or help facilitate it, please let Paul Hobbs, Janet Monday, or Pastor Rick know. Lots of churches attempt small groups ministries; it’s kind of a church fad. Maybe even Westhaven has tried small groups in the past and things haven’t worked out. We believe that small groups offer us a very healthy and even Book of Acts style Christianity. Our plan is to gently experiment (including making some mistakes, no doubt), pass on what We have learned about small groups, and keep at the project for at least a couple of years. If it works, wonderful. If not, we will try something else.

Senior Mens Connect Group – Meet at Dennis Steak House, Thursdays at 7:00 am

Men getting together for breakfast, fellowship, prayer and discussion.

Men helping men.

Praying for each other

Praying for others

Lifting each other Up


We welcome anyone that would like to connect with us. Always looking for new people.

Have a meal, we have devotion

We have discussion, we have prayer

Christ is first and foremost

For more info on Connect Groups ask your question here!

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