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Zumba - Zumba - Zumba

Mission Experience MFUGE

We have ZUMBA Classes 

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

at 9:00 am for the Ladies

Come on out and enjoy the Fun and get Healthy

July 15-19  Mission Experience MFUGE
@ Camp Piankatank

This summer, we’re taking teenagers on a mission experience! Make sure your kid is registered before the deadline. For more info:
By allowing your teenager to go on a mission trip they will gain knowledge, experience and what it is to help and serve others. The experience and knowledge gained can be life changing. Our teens deserve seeing the real world and how other have to work and live. Sign up and the’ll grow up.

Eva Saunders Ministry Group

Faith in Action Ministry Group

1st Monday of every month
@ Westhaven Baptist Church at 11:00 am in social hall

A group of our women meet together to continually support various outreaches and ministries. We support the “Her Shelter”, Eastern Shore Ministry, Angle Tree for Lillian’s rest home, oversea’s Parks ministry and others in need. Won’t you join us?

3rd Thursday of each month
@ Westhaven Baptist Church at 11:00am in social hall

Our Group s purpose is to support our “shut-ins”. We do this through visitation, phone calls, cards, and various other contacts. Our moto is to do good to all people, especially those who belong to the family of believers. Come join us in fellowship and help others.

Keenager Breakfast Ministry

Mens Breakfast Ministry

2nd Tuesday of every month
@ Westhaven Baptist Church at 8:30 am in social hall

Keenagers is a fellowship breakfast where we meet, greet and have fun. We have a nice breakfast, prayer and entertainment afterwards. This is a casual affair with good food, good fun and fellowship with others. come on and join us. You will be glad you did.

3rd Saturday of each month
@ Westhaven Baptist Church at 9:00am in social hall 

Our men really know how to cook. We put on a feast that keeps everyone coming back month to month. We meet for breakfast, prayer, a short message and lots of fellowship and fun. This is a wonderful outreach to our church other churches and the neighborhood. Come in a get a fill-up.

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